The Azores

The Azores Virtual Tour - VR Azores.

About the photographer - Tony Quinn.Image of Tony Quinn, photographer

Tony Quinn lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire UK - his home town for over 50 years. Tony studied at Roundhay Grammar school and then attended Jacob Kramer Art College in the city.

His love of photography was rediscovered with the dawn of the digital photography era in the 1990's. Tony has been photographing panoramas and publishing online virtual tours since 1995.

His work is already familiar to millions of 'online' visitors to the collection of Virtual Tours published by Red Door VR Ltd. UK.

Tony has also been commissioned to produce photographs of his home city of Leeds UK for Yale University Press: "Leeds, Pevsner City Guide" [Susan Wrathmell], Myriad Publishing "Leeds - A photographic journey through Yorkshire's largest City" [Tony Quinn and Melvyn Jones] and further titles to be published for release in the future.

Tony has photographed stills and panoramas of just about every major city in the UK, along with locations further afield now including The Azores, plus many other European destinations popular with British holidaymakers.

Tony continues to expand his collection of panoramic photography in the 21st century to include interactive 'street by street' tours of cities and towns throughout the UK & Europe. This collection of images and panoramas of the islands of the Azores was photographed and initially published in Autumn 2008.