Terra Nostra Botanical Gardens, Furnas

Terra Nostra Botanical Gardens, Furnas, Azores Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Azores: Terra Nostra Botanical Gardens, Furnas.
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photograph of Terra Nostra Botanical Gardens, FurnasTerra Nostra Botanical Gardens, Furnas.

The lake at Furnas is located in the grounds of the Terra Nostra Botanical Gardens. This is a bath-warm lake, heated geothermically. And yes, it really is that colour! I arrived as the park was opening (10 a.m.) to take this Picture, but later in the day it became quite popular.

There is a small charge for entry into the gardens but you can come and go all day as often as you like for your 3 Euros. I loved this place. The gardens are planted beautifully and you can wander peacefully for hours in the cool shade. I found a quiet spot to sit and read and was completely undisturbed for over 30 minutes - unless you count the constant chorus of birdsong, that is.

Furnas doesn't just have one beautiful park though, it has three! One is mainly a kind of Nursery, although visitors are welcome to look around. The other is beside a disused mill and is also a quiet place where you can walk around lakes and along side a small stream in the peace and shade. Only the Botanical gardens at Terra Nostra charge for entry. The rest are free.

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Map of Azores showing the location of Terra Nostra Botanical Gardens, Furnas at Latitude 37.773137 / Longitude -25.315633.
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